A sticky agent is a feature that helps a customer to connect to the same agent again with whom he held an earlier connection. This would ease the work of both parties. Since, if the customer had to repeat his query again and again to the new agent, they might feel inconvenient and dissatisfied. The benefit of a sticky agent is that whenever your customer calls you, they don’t have to explain the same query again. This helps in improving your customers’ call experience and leads to a faster point resolution.

There is two sticky agent feature:
  • Strictly Bind Sticky Agent: In a strict bind, only the assigned agent would receive the calls of the caller. If unfortunately, the assigned agent isn’t able to connect with the caller, the call gets disconnected.
  • Loosely Bind Sticky Agent: Under this feature, the call only gets transferred to the assigned agent who being connected for a long time. However, if the assigned agent doesn’t receive the call, it automatically gets transferred to another agent.
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