Automated Dialer

Enhance And Strengthen Your Customer Engagement.

No More Manual Dialing
Use Auto-Dialer


Our automated dialer system calls to a list of contact numbers. No manual dialing. It will increase your teams’ productivity. You have complete control over automated dialing.

Why Automated Dialer Is Right Solution For You

Improve Agent Productivity

You can set up an in-house cloud call center just in few minutes. No installation required.

Completely Automated

This solution is completely automated and allows you to make a number of calls in a short time.

Amazing Caller Experience

Our Cloud call center provides an amazing calling experience to your callers with power packed features.

Maximize Your Revenue

Don’t waste your time on number dialing and invest this time to important tasks. Our Auto dialer will help you to maximize your sales.

Better Lead Generation Ratio

Our dialer provides a quick overview of caller’s contact details before dialing the call. It helps you to prepare before a call is connected.

Experience Powerful Features of Our Cloud Call Center

Web based Panel

We provide a complete web-based platform. Agents directly call from our intelligent panel.

Control Auto Dialer

You can stop the Auto Dialer any time and dial a number manually. You have complete control.

Call Forwarding

You can easily forward the call to the right department or agent to solve the customers’ query quickly.

Call Monitoring

You can monitor and track your agent’s real time. It will help to improve your customer service.

Contact History

You can view complete history of the caller before calling them. You can write and save notes easily.

Upload Contact List

Upload a list of your contact numbers and start calling on the list via our Automated Dialer.

Live Analytics And Reports

Our advanced analytics platform gives you a summary and detailed report of your calling campaign.



What is Automated Dialer?

You or your agents don’t need to dial your customer’s numbers manually. Our Automated Dialer will take care of dialing. It simplifies human efforts.

How can it help my business in lead generation?

Our automated dialer enables you to dial a large volume of calls in the shortest possible time. It will help you to generate more leads.

Is there any wait time between two calls?

Yes. You have full control over auto dialer. You can set a specific time between two calls.

How Automated Dialer can power my cloud call center?

Our smart automated dialer helps you to improve your agents’ efficiency and call more customers.

I want more Information. How do I contact you?

You just need to contact us. Call us at XXXXX or mail us @ Our dedicated team will guide you.

How Auto Dialer Works?
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