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We provide a unified and Omnichannel solution to your business.
We help you to deliver customer experiences like never before. Discover our products and services.

Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution is a cloud based EPABX for businesses. ibizfone comprises of an IVR installed on a hosted platform at a remotely


(1800), is a single number service accessible across all operators, Pan India. Customers calling on your 1800 number are not charged and you pay for all the calls reaching


ibizcast is an automated dialling system that generates simultaneous voice calls to a list of pre-identified phone numbers. Now execute voice campaigns using the high


iclk2cl is your online equivalent of a Toll Free number and turns clicks into calls, is an easy and convenient way for your customers to contact you right on your website. Now don’t miss


iopt’n is a cloud-based missed call solution widely used for lead generation, call-back service, instant feedback,voting, mobile verification and opt-in list building. iopt’n is a completely ….


isms solution is a high throughput bulk sms service, used to send large volume of text messages enabling you to engage and transact with your customers and partners..….

G2M platform provides a range of unified communication applications helping businesses establish their
brands, grow customer base, engage customers across multiple channels cost effectively.
Now, improve your business effectiveness by moving your sales, marketing and support operations to the
cloud through our comprehensive cloud telephony integrated automation solutions

Our Powerful Features

Discover how Go2Market’s solutions and smart features are a great fit for your business
Lead Management

Automate your lead Management and ensure not even a single sales inquiry received or generated is wasted. Automate your lead management and ensure not even a single sales inquiry received or generated is wasted.

Real Time Analytics

Half the money I spend on marketing is wasted and the problem is I do not know which half” G2M’s powerful cloud telephony solutions help track the lead generation process and ROI with its smart C2C and IVR solutions.

API integration

Our flexible and powerful APIs can be integrated into applications. APIs are highly reliable, scalable and secure. Integrate your CRM software with our web panel (easy-to-use API).

Text to Speech

Our system allows you to convert your text message into voice recording easily. Listen the message and use it.

Call Recording

Ever wonder why productivity varies amongst your team members? With call recordings, you can check recordings of all your incoming and outgoing conversations and store them for future use, and you may delete these at any time.

Intelligent call routing

Define the call flow on the user-friendly web-based panel through simple drag and drop. Define the same based on the skill level, event, time-based, or any other business need. Call routing can help prioritize calls based on the business value.

Customize IVR Flow

You can create IVR and call Flow according to your needs. Let your IVR speak on behalf of you and address your customers’ issues and route them to the right department through smart call routing.

Customized solutions

You can customize our solution according to your industry and business need. Create a customized solution as per your business needs.

Our Solutions for Different Industries


Stay connected to your workforce and ensure business continuity, flexibility & productivity.

Cloud telephony solution can benefit a lot to SOHO (small office-Home office) like:
  • Get customers feedback, track all protentional conversations and analyses them
  • Gain Credibility, Boost your image by plating IVR
  • Real-Time SMS alerts services to integrate with websites/APP
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    Revolutionize The Learning Process with Cloud Telephony

    We offers many solutions to education industry. Education Institute use this service in many ways like:
  • Parent-teacher conference
  • Share important update with students and parents
  • Exams & test dates information
  • And Tips to prepare for exams.
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    Offer Personalized Customer Experience with Our Smart Solutions

    Our solutions and features help you to create awareness around your brand, products & services. Here are some ways to use:
  • New product arrival,
  • Coupon codes and discounts,
  • Delivery information,
  • Payment information,
  • And customer support.
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    Automate Tasks and Power Your Business

    Our cloud telephony solutions are great fit for restaurants & hotels to make their customers feel special.
  • Offer discounts & deals on food & drink,
  • Special offers announcement for holidays,
  • Coupon codes,
  • Order confirmation, and more.
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    Manage Leads for Your Company with Cloud Telephony Solutions

    Finance institutions use our telephony solutions to communicate with prospects and existing clients. Here are some ways:
  • Account and transaction updates,
  • promotional messages,
  • New offers, reminders,
  • And customer feedback.
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    Go2Market Solutions For Travel Industry

    Our telephony solutions are very effective for travel industry. Here are some ways to use:
  • Booking confirmation,
  • holiday season offers,
  • Last minute alerts,
  • And thank you messages.
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    Keep In Touch With The Patient. Hassle-free Experience.

    Stay connected with your patients all the time with our solutions. Here are some ways to use:
  • Appointment and medication expiration reminders,
  • Health and fitness tips,
  • And Test results
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    Make Customer Communication Easy With Cloud Telephony Our powerful solutions build a bridge between real estate agency and potential buyers. Ways to use:

  • Provide property information
  • Send updates to buyers
  • Property sales reminders
  • Special offers
  • And send payment reminder.
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    Go2Market For Political Campaigns

    India’s leading political parties are using our IVR solutions. Here are some ways to use our solutions:
  • Send party campaign message
  • Conduct surveys and polls
  • Provide information about candidate
  • And register voter complaints.
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